Blog Series: Are We Connected: Diary Pages

As a student of Computer Science and Applications, I always wondered how a computer can do so many things without letting us know about single detail of its working. Then I came to know about Artificial Intelligence, which came like a breeze in my lackluster syllabus. It fascinated me in different ways. I learned about thought waves, which I always considered as an illusion earlier. As I studied it, I found many things closely related and relevant to the real world.

I learned the fact that we do feel the energy from unknown sources, and as the vibes matches, it brings strangers close, together in a sense. These unknown sources are sometimes very close to us, and sometimes far from the boundaries of imagination. It never influenced me, but it did contribute to a major part of my life.  So to know if it can really do something for us, I formed a concept. A concept which features a page of Diary of Authors I know and admire. Some of them have national bestseller on their names,; some are soon to be the ‘Published Author’; some have written many articles, some write beautiful poetry, and some are established editors, and some are well-known book reviewers.

One thing that makes them all connected to each other is their Generosity. It’s not an everyday thing to say ‘yes’ to write for blog of an ‘outsider’ in the literary world, but they all openhandedly welcomed my concept, and despite of their tight schedules, agreed upon sharing a page of their diary. So a whole heartily thanks to all of them. Without their support this concept would have ended on a loose paper in dustbin.
Let us all explore whether feelings and thoughts really generate some energy or not?
Do thought waves really connect us together?
Are We Connected?

Author List: (Will be updated as the series proceeds)
  1. Prerna Verma
  2. Jaasindah R. Mir.
  3. Preeti Singh
  4. Harshita Shrivastava

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